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Quick Facts

- internet marketing - VolksWagen

- minimal spend Euro 250

- two plan: 250 Euro in Grouplus or 800 Euro in AutoPCL plan

- continous passive income

- qualifications for all 2 customers

- the project is working only from 2011

- a huge field for inviting beginners


Payment processors

- Bank Wire 



Company details: New Millennium Centre Ltd. Republic of Seychelles

Given at Victoria, Seychelles 088 609



The program was created by a group of leaders of "New Millennium Centre LTD" AutoPCL to advance the project with minimal investment!

Simple and effective marketing, the enormous popularity and flexible payment make GrouPlus unique and fast access to the reward. It scans the modern and progressive concept of building structures, which allowed to take a position among the most stable and fastest growing programs on the Internet today, and the partners involved in it, with significant gains.


How works?

Marketing with a minimum starting 250 euro at GrouPlus! The regular starting 800 Euro at AutoPCL!

We offer you a completely accessible to everyone, a way of earning extra money through Internet. Pay Attention! Savings program will generate money for a new car of any model of Volkswagen absolutely each of us, with no loans and credits!


Why networkers come to AutoPCL, 3 reasons:

- a huge field for inviting beginners (The project is working only from 2011)

- Qualifications for all 2 customers (For Network Marketing invite two newcomers and receive 21,000 euros, it's cool!)

- The ability to work with people from home (Dear friends, every businessman's dream to work from home, to live anywhere soul and a have good profit). Internet Age gives you the unique opportunity to work with people from the comfort of the room, no matter where you are. 

You do not have to fly on a plane and make a presentation of the business personally, but just sit on Skype and talk to the man. Site development will replace your words to millions of readers and video calls will be to listen and watch hundreds of millions of viewers, while you're drinking coffee in her kitchen. Is not it true that this is a business New Millennium!! 


Any features

We must strive not to live as the market dictates. We have the right to a better life! The New Millennium Centre Ltd Company has a number of attractive features:

- completely legal and has all the relevant registration documents;

- all the share capital of the company's accounts are insured;

- guaranteeing return on investment;

- guaranteed-signing with the company;

- long-term and exclusive marketing, with clear and simple compensation plan;

- high and pay in euros;

- able to participate in the project from anywhere in the world;

- a guarantee of the confidentiality of your financial resources;

- the possibility of lightning operations within the system;

- free and rapid withdrawal of money earned funds to any account specified by you;

- competent and well thought-out bonus program that delivers an already proven marketing solutions, and advanced Internet technology. (First of all, this unique short seven-seater matrix mechanism to accumulate a sufficiently high capital with the possibility of systemic circulation, and a manifold increase. Your invitations always follow you)

- anyone who wants a partner company provides the tools to promote your business for FREE. A very good investment! Permanent income 21,000 euros!



The company has a contract and is working with the European bank where the insured and the entire share capital of AO Rietumu Banka

Registration number: 40003074497

Account number: LV35 RTMB0000617806809

The legal address: Latvia, Riga, LV-1013, street Vesetas iela, 7

S.W.I.F.T. code: RTMBLV2X


The bank operates widely in international markets and provides a full range of financial services to its customers in the Baltic States, and in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Europe and other regions. For our partners issued debit card.



- ask for my Sponsor ID (because registration in not possible without sponsor ID) 


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